Chilkoot Trail Hike:      August 3-7, 2001

There were six of us: Katie Hayhurst, Dennis and Birch Kuch, Vivien Bowers, Nancy and Peter Macek.

The genesis of this trip was that Viv wanted to do research for an upcoming book. We met her in Dawson on our way back from the Horton, teamed up with old friends from Whitehorse and were on our way...

Photographs are by Peter, unless otherwise noted. Click on photo to enlarge

We started at Skagway (actually Dyea in the next inlet) and went in easy stages - many people do the hike in three days; we took five. Our whole group the second morning The trail hasn't been fixed up in most places, but we certainly appreciated not having to wade the swamps. Boardwalk over swamp
Forest sunshine Gold Rush artefact Up to tree line, the going was generally very pleasant, with a lot of things to see along the way. Deluxe creek crossing
Artefacts Golden Stairs On the third day, the clouds came well down and we hiked in a heavy mist. The visibility was almost non-existent, but there were lots of artifacts and it was easier to imagine the ghosts of the prospectors hiking with us. Nancy crossing a stream
As soon as we crossed the pass, the weather improved and we were soon below the clouds and able to enjoy the alpine scenery. View of Crater Lake Dennis and Nancy Hiker in alpine
Our group in Happy Camp
(Passer's-by photo)
Our first night in Canada was at "Happy Camp". It felt as if the work was done and the rest was pure alpine enjoyment. Vivien jotted down notes for her book every chance she got. Viv doing research Coming to Deep Lake
Trailside flowers Lindeman City lasted just long enough for a few of the stampeders to die... Lindeman City cemetary   Rainbow at Bare Loon Lake
Birch's clarinet recital Camping at Bare Loon Lake
(Nancy's photo)
Next night was at Bare Loon Lake, where Birch gave a clarinet recital and we had a rainbow. Hoisting food up bear cache
(Nancy's photo)
Trip end was at Bennett, where we caught the train back to Skagway Bennett Station The train conductor Train trip View down to Skagway
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