Year End Work

      During the last week of August we got rain pretty much every day, effectively ending the fire season. For the next two weeks of work before I returned to school we some project work and fire clean up. This involved pulling hose off some of the bigger fires and grass seeding fires from last year. Seven of us went up to Fire 260 to pull a hoselay which ended up being about 5 kilometres long. Given that each hose is 100 feet long, this meant we pulled a ton of hose. We rolled the hose into a number of piles along the ridge where we could load sling loads for the helicopter. The helipad at which we ended was right at the top of a cliff, which made for a great view and a great location for trundling rocks over the edge. You'll notice that we don't mess around, as the 8 foot lever made from a sawn log will attest. I think our largest rock was 3 feet across. All the guards made by bulldozers get rehabilitated by an excavator pulling the dirt and trees back onto the guard and us walking all the guards spreading grass seed. The work itself is trivial, and was only made difficult by having to carry the 55 pound sacks of seed over logs and mud in the pissing rain.