Nakusp Flight

      On August 17, we got a report of a fire on Kuskanax Mountain, right above the town of Nakusp. We loaded up the helicopter, and flew down Arrow Lake to check it out. On our way we found three other new fires. The originally reported smoke was the lowest priority of the four (it was near the top of the mountain smoldering in the alpine) so we headed back up the lake to one of the other fires we found, Fire 453. We arrived at the fire at about 1730h, and worked until about 1900h. We decided not to spend the night on the fire because the fire was not under control and the only place to sleep was just above the fire. We flew back to Revelstoke that night and returned first thing the next morning. By that evening the fire was out with only some heat still being retained in the rocks. The helicopter pictured is very typical of those we usually use. It is a Bell 206 Long Ranger owned by Selkirk Mountain Helicopters, whose base is next to the fire base.