Fire 530

      Fire 530 was above the Downie River on the east side of Lake Revelstoke. We had limited time in which to action the fire because we could not stay overnight (because we hadn't had the chance to restock our food after the previous night, and because we had to stand down for our mandatory days off the following days). Paul took a break from being first on the fire and let Bryon and I run things while he filled the Stillwells down at the river. The fire was only about 5 metres by 7 metres but was burning very hot, very deep and among the roots of some very large trees, the largest being about 52 inches across. The weather was beginning to deteriorate so we were all pretty happy when our helicopter came out from under the clouds to pick us up. We were only able to cool down the fire enough to hopefully contain it until another crew could get there but given the nasty weather, it might be us returning after a few days, so I'll take some pictures on the ground if I do return.