Fire 513

      We were recalled to the fire base as soon as the fire was out because of the large number of fires being reported by the patrol planes and other crews. Tanya left us to go to her sister's wedding, so we were joined by Bryon, who had been on the trip to Hazelton as part of the Golf crew and who had joined us for our last few days in Golden when Tanya took some time off. We were given the information on three new fires in the Fissure Creek area north of Revelstoke. We checked out all three, 513, 515 and 517 and decided that 513 was the highest priority. Fire 517 had been reported as a single burning log which had then been bucketed by a Bell 212. It was putting up no smoke and although we think we found it, it was most likely out. If someone is flying near there a few days later, they'll probably check it out, but for the time being it can safely be ignored. Fire 513 was located just upslope of a large cutblock in pretty heavy timber. Although it was reported as being 3 metres by 3 metres, it was actually four spots each being that size including two large burning snags. We had hoped to be able to finish this fire by that evening so that we could move on to Fire 515, which was located in a beautiful alpine meadow, but the fire was too big and night came too soon. We camped on a deactivated road, lit our standard campfire and then ended up sitting around chatting and laughing until past midnight. We finished the fire the next morning and got picked up at around 1000h.