Fire 379

      The Hotel crew was dispatched to Fire 379 and after investigating it, called for our crew to come up with a bunch of extra gear and a larger helicopter. The fire was approximately 2 hectares on a steep south facing slope. We put in a holding tank and a 1300 foot hoselay. The following day was spent blacklining (using water to completely extinguish the edge of the fire) and putting out a couple of spot fires located about 300 feet away from the main fire. Day 3 was spent completing this job. At the end of the day we were told that the center of the fire was going to be allowed to burn itself out and we were to return to base with all our gear. Unfortunately a large thunder cell moved through the area and the downdrafts and strong winds caused the fire to rapidly spread not only upslope, but also down into some heavy timber and into some recently planted cutblocks. Efforts are underway to contain the now 100+ hectare fire. The last photo is of Fire 184 which is burning a couple kilometres west of Fire 379.