Fire 162

      My first fire in the Revelstoke area was discovered during the afternoon of July 14. Our crew had been up the Bigmouth River doing some saw training when we were asked to start coming back to the base because of the number of fires popping up. On our way down we were picked up by helicopter and flown to investigate a smoke reported by some campers. We ended up finding two fires about two kilometres apart. We landed at the first one and worked on it until dark. Located in the alpine with a creek nearby, this fire was pretty luxurious. The fire was only about 10 metres by 10 metres and very patchy, so we had it out that evening. We camped in a meadow nearby and double checked the fire the next morning. Satisfied that it was out, we were flown the two kilometres over to Fire 164. Unfortunately there were no convenient spots to hover exit beside the fire, so we had to walk about half a kilometre and then have our gear slung in when we arrived. Fire 164 was about 5 metres by 3 metres and was out by noon. Cutting a clearing into which the helicopter could hover in and pick us up took almost as long as putting the fire out, but it gave me some more practice running the chainsaw. I had to cut a whole bunch of slide alder but I also got to cut down my first full size tree, a 16 inch diameter fir.