Fire 140

      After our two days on Fire 111, the six of us (Golf and India crews) were put on standby for a few hours before we got the call to go to Fire 140. This fire was on the books as a 3.99 hectare fire because in the bureaucracy of fire fighting, a fire contained under 4 hectares is considered an Initial Attack success. The Northwest was a little short of IA successes, so when we contained this fire at a size of approximately 4 hectares they jumped at the chance to call it a success. This fire was located on the highway to Dease Lake north of Kitwancool Lake and other than the fact that it was a little large for six people, this was a good fire. Through skill and luck the fire did not grow after our arrival and after cutting a fuel break and getting some water on it from the stillwells (60 gallon holding tanks) we could call it contained after a couple days. The stillwells were filled on a beach on the Cranberry River, which is where I found the wolf prints. The Golf crew was sent to a new fire on our third day leaving the three of us to continue mopping up. Even this was relatively pleasant due to a large number of blueberries and the fact that we had time for Paul to give me some saw training. Another reason I enjoyed this fire was that we got to fly to the fire every day. On one of our return flights we were given a little too much fuel when we refueled half way back, hence the takeoff run at four feet above the highway.