Fire 111

      On June 21 two crews, Golf and India, were sent from Revelstoke to Burns Lake. We drove up on the 21st and 22nd and after being told to keep driving by Burns Lake and Telkwa, we ended up working out of Hazelton. Fire 111 was approximately 5 hectares when the six of us arrived and was being looked after by, how shall a put this, a less than capable fire boss. We did our best to control the fire but with the fire under control "Random Task" as we nicknamed him, it jumped his inadequate guards and rapidly grew. Most of these pictures are taken after the fire blew up when there was little we could do other than rescue some gear and watch the tankers do their thing. The six of us were given a new fire after two days on 111, but we returned five days later and put in another couple days work on the now 120 hectare fire. After 13 days, two fires and more than a few good kareoke nights at the local pub, we were headed back to Revelstoke.